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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Disney Emoji Blitz پازل شکلک های دیزنی اندروید

Match. Collect. Emote!
Play and collect hundreds of Disney and Pixar emojis like never before in an exciting matching game!

Play fast paced rounds of match-3 to earn prizes, complete missions, and discover new emojis. Collect Disney and Pixar emoji characters and items from The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, Disney|Pixar's Toy Story, Finding Dory and more!

• MATCH emojis to score big points and unlock new characters
• COLLECT 700+ Disney and Pixar emoji characters & items
• BLAST the board with expressive emoji super powers & combos
• PLAY missions to boost your score and earn prizes
• CHALLENGE your friends’ high scores
• SHARE your collected emojis through the Emoji Blitz keyboard

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 830 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 28 بهمن 1395 زمان : 10:27 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Oz: Broken Kingdom اوز: شکست امپراطوری اندروید

Battle the Great Darkness that has cast its shadow across the peaceful Land of Oz. Join the kingdom's brave new heroine Ophelia Shen, along with the legendary heroes of Oz – Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow – as they embark on an epic quest to stop the rising evil, restore the balance of magic, and return the kingdom to its rightful glory.

• COMMAND a cast of new and classic Oz heroes in breathtaking turn-based combat.
• EVOLVE your heroes to Legendary levels of power.
• SUMMON incredible abilities to crush fearsome enemies and rally the kingdom to your side.
• EXPLORE the dark corners of Oz, solve the thrilling mystery, and restore the balance between Good and Evil.
• DOMINATE other opponents in the Arenas of Oz to climb the leaderboards and advance through the leagues.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1307 تاريخ : دوشنبه 03 آبان 1395 زمان : 11:26 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Assassin's Creed Pirates آساسینز کرید دزدان دریایی اندروید

***More than 10 million pirates already***
***More than 200 million heroic naval battles fought***

One of the world’s greatest action franchise is available on your mobile device! Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin's Creed adventure!
Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious pirate captain, break the rules, challenge empires and amass gold!

Fight in real-time naval battles all over the Caribbean Sea.
Choose from a wide range of weapons from the pivot cannon to the mortar, to destroy your foes and manoeuver to dodge enemy shots.
Show your skills, defeat legendary ships in battle and become a true pirate legend!

Raise your flag on the most iconic boats of the Golden Age of Piracy; ranging from the smallest ship to the Man O’War floating fortress.
Upgrade your vessel with legendary customizations and the massive bounty plundered on the wild seas.
Build your naval empire by recruiting the finest crew members and learn more than 50 new pirating techniques, cannon & sail upgrades to become a better captain and master naval battles.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1822 تاريخ : دوشنبه 03 آبان 1395 زمان : 7:33 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Cracking Sands - Combat Racing کراش اندروید

In a world ravaged by global warfare, small pockets of survivors scratch out a meagre existence, living off the remains of a shattered civilization. Society has been reduced to a tribal state, where rank and social standing is based on one thing and one thing only: death races!

Cracking Sands is an action-packed racer featuring a band of merry lunatics driving small vehicles fitted with big guns. Your trigger finger will be tested just as much as your straight racing skills. Like the saying goes: if you can’t go around something (or someone), you go through them instead.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1067 تاريخ : دوشنبه 03 آبان 1395 زمان : 7:6 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی PES 2017 فوتبال حرفه ای اندروید + نسخه اصلی

اینبار نسخه اصلی بازی معروف پی اس توسط کمپانی KONAMI معرفی شد

بهترین بازی فوتبالی اندروید

بازی فوتبال حرفه ای Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 یا به اختصار PES 2017 که به تازگی برای اندروید منتشر شده است حتما خبر خوشی برای پی اس بازهای دنیا خواهد بود. قبل از این کمپانی KONAMI هیچ نسخه ای از این بازی را برای سیستم اندروید معرفی نکرده بود ولی حالا با معرفی نسخه 2017 بازی فوتبال حرفه ای اندروید قصد دارد رقیب خود را فیفا که در غیاب او در دیوایس های اندرویدی جولان میداد کنار بزند و باز هم مثل نسخه کامپیوتری به محبوبیت خاصی بین کاربران اندرویدی برسد. در این بازی شما میتوانید با انتخاب تیم مورد علاقه خود از بین تیم های باشگاهی و کشوری به رقابت با دیگر بازیکنان بپردازید. این بازی به صورت آنلاین ارائه شده است و برای اجرای بازی حتما اتصال به اینترنت مورد نیاز است. البته سرعت بالای اتصال لازم نیست و حتی با اینترنت کم سرعت هم میتوان این بازی را اجرا کرد. با وجود عدم ارائه نسخه های این بازی برای دیوایس های اندروید طی سال های قبل اما کونامی این بازی را با گرافیکی خارق العاده طراحی کرده که دانلود آن را به تمامی دوست داران بازی های فوتبال اندروید پیشنهاد میکنم. به نظر شما آیا کونامی میتواند با PES 2017 جایگاه خود را بین کاربران فوتبالی اندروید باز کند و رقیب اصلی خود را کنار بزند؟ منتظر نظرات و تجربه های شما از این بازی در مقایسه با فیفا هستیم!

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1803 تاريخ : شنبه 24 مهر 1395 زمان : 4:30 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Shadow Racer راننده تاریکی اندروید ایرانی

ساخته شده توسط یکی از محبوب ترین سازنده بازی های ایرانی
بازی آفلاین است

شركت  NOA Games  اولین تولید کننده بازی های موبایل ارکید ریسینگ در ایران تقدیم می کند *** Shadow Racer ***

فکر کنم با دیدن اسکرین شات های بازی دیگه نیازی به توضیح نباشه! قراره واقعا آنلاین بازی کنی، برای اولین بار در بازی های ایرانی با کنار دستیت مسابقه آنلاین ریل تیم راه بنداز و هیجان رو به اوج برسون.


سبک های بازی :

چند نفره آنلاین: اینجا قراره حسابی بترکونیم! رقابت های نفس گیر آنلاین و با کلن و چت منتظرمونه.

کلاسیک: سبک بی پایان همیشه جذابیت های خودشه نیترو بیا نشون بدیم دنیا دسته کیه!

دزد: دوس داری هیجان تعقیب و گریز توی بازی تجربه کنی؟ منتطر چی هستی همین الان دانلود کن.

پلیس: شایدم میخوای یک پلیس وظیفه شناس باشی تا بهت همه افتخار کنن مثل من!

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 7026 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 25 شهريور 1395 زمان : 14:0 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Deus Ex GO پازل و معمایی اندروید


Deus Ex GO is a turn-based puzzle infiltration stealth game set in a stylized interpretation of the Deus Ex Universe. As covert agent Adam Jensen, you’ll hack, use combat and augmentations to solve the most intricate puzzles of the entire GO series and unravel the conspiracy behind a terrorist plot.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 555 تاريخ : چهارشنبه 24 شهريور 1395 زمان : 7:49 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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☆ سرباز، بیش از 100 هزار کاربر جنگاور ایرانی بازی میکنند «این اتفاقی نیست»

بازی جنگاور ایرانی یک بازی رایگان اکشن - رقابتی بسیار مهیج و خلاقانه با گرافیکی زیباست که در آن  باید از حمله دشمنان به خاک کشور دفاع کنید.
در جنگاور شما با یک تک تیرانداز ایرانی بازی می کنید که وارد مناطق عملیات می شود  تا از خاک کشورمان ایران در برابر دشمنانی که قصد تجاوز به خاک این مرز و بوم را دارند، دفاع کنید. در این عملیات، ماموریت هایی به شما داده می شود که باید آنها را بطور کامل انجام دهید تا ماموریت های دیگری به شما داده شود و بهترین امتیاز خود را ثبت کنید. در بازی جنگاور ایرانی ماموریت ها برای تمام افراد متفاوت است و هر کسی یک تجربه برای اتمام ماموریت ها تجربه میکند.
درون بازی انواع سلاح ها و آیتم ها با قدرت های مختلف را برای مبارزه با دشمنان در اختیار دارید که به وسیله آنها می توانید دشمنان را سریع تر و راحت تر نابود کنید. همچنین می توانید در جام قهرمانی شرکت کنید، بهترین تک تیرانداز ها در کل ایران را ببینید و با آنها رقابتی هیجانی داشته باشید.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1645 تاريخ : دوشنبه 01 شهريور 1395 زمان : 13:14 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Clash for Dawn جنگ برای طلوع اندروید

Take up your weapon, choose your faction, assemble a team of hardened mercenaries and fight back against the forces of darkness, in the stunning hack ‘n’ slash dungeon-raiding game, Clash for Dawn!

Centuries of peace have been torn apart by the Dark Lord’s desire to rule. Now, an army of the undead marches on the City of Light, Luxis, itself! But the battle is not yet lost. The chosen warriors of the Angeli hold the power to turn back the forces of darkness. Will YOU answer their call?

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 997 تاريخ : جمعه 18 تير 1395 زمان : 11:50 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Dungeon Legends قهرمانان سیاه چال اندروید

This is a free version of Dungeon Legends RPG game. It provides access to 3 first levels out of 12 in the full version of the game and has blocked the option of saving gamestate.

Download Dungeon Legends

As a member of the Dwarfs, it comes a moment when you have to leave your town and seek gold and glory. Accept the challenges of the dungeons to obtain experience and gain the respect of your people.

Face other players in the arena for the glory, and become a legend of the dungeons.

Go over the dungeons alone or ask a friend for help. Finish with the enemies that inhabit in the passages and avoid the traps.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 887 تاريخ : جمعه 18 تير 1395 زمان : 11:25 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Standoff Multiplayer بن بست چند نفره اندروید

Standoff Multiplayer is a action game for android

download last version of Standoff Multiplayer Apk + Mod + Data for android from revdl with direct link

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 471 تاريخ : جمعه 18 تير 1395 زمان : 8:55 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Feed the Spider تغذیه عنکبوتی اندروید

Spider, a big fan of berries. Help collect all the berries using the main tool of the spider - spider web. Simple and addictive mechanics PUSH on the spider web to grab berry PUSH again to let go. Collects hats, uncover new skins, collect all the stars and go through all the levels of physical puzzle Feed the Spider!

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 366 تاريخ : جمعه 18 تير 1395 زمان : 5:53 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Titan Quest نبرد تایتان اندروید


One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits in your pocket!

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set against a mythological backdrop. The Titans have escaped from prison and are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. The Gods alone can’t stop them -- a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine humanity’s fate and that of the Olympians.

You are that hero! Create your character, explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of legendary creatures! Master the arts of archery, swordsmanship or magic and upgrade your character to unlock awesome powers! Discover special items to help you complete your quest: legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts, enchanted bows, and much more!

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 624 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 22:31 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Air Storm HD Beginning کولاک هوایی اندروید

Air Storm HD is the first part of a free exciting game of a trilogy that will make you feel like a hero of The Second World War.
The first part of the game will give you excellent 3D graphics and an eventful story will keep you in suspense until the very end! All military equipment in the game is much closed to the original combats during World War II.
A special feature of Air Storm HD is the colorful and dynamic comics, in the plot of which we have put the exciting events that are taking place with the pilots of fighter aircraft.
The first part consists of five levels with three levels of complexity, which include 78 types of the enemy equipment and you will be granted with four Allied aircrafts of the time of WWII for assistance.
The game has everything that makes it interesting and eventful: strategic tasks and the secret weapon of the enemy, it is full of friendship and mutual aid. And, of course, the game is permeated with love, we cannot do without it!
High intelligence of the enemy and enormous selection of the items are bright features of this game that pump the aircraft of the protagonist.
You will not just put pressure on the buttons, but also use all your wits and ingenuity to emerge victorious from the mess that awaits you!

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 422 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 22:13 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run مرده متحرک اندروید

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is an exhilarating tactical runner that puts you inside the apocalyptic fall of Los Angeles from AMC’s hit series Fear the Walking Dead.

Relentlessly pursued by the undead, you flee across familiar LA landscapes as the city is overrun; an abandoned church, a high school, the local sports arena. Shoot too much and you’ll slow down. Don’t shoot enough and you’ll be overtaken.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 608 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 22:4 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Gun Strike 2 اعتصاب تفنگ 2 اندروید

Gun Strike 2 is a Action Game far Android

in this game you should Survive one of the best third-person shooters

Download Gun Strike 2

Gun Strike 2 is a Third Person Shooter(TPS) that designed for fans of FPS, shooting games, action games. You will portray as an experience mercenary, equipped with all kinds of weapon to challenge various shooting assignments.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 590 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 21:36 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Fold the World تا کردن جهان اندروید

Fold the World is an original puzzle game where players fold the corners of different levels as though they were made of paper, to solve each puzzle. Your aim is to guide a Yolo, a friendly character shaped like a spring, to the end of each level. The problem? Yolo can only move along red paths. The solution? Folding!
Download Fold the World

Fold the world of Paper Kingdom to discover the incredible tale of the triangle curse.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 288 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 21:29 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی WW2: Wings Of Duty جنگ جهانی دوم اندروید

Download here : WW2: Wings Of Duty

Experience famous air battles of the World War 2.

WW2: Wings of Duty brings realistic combat flight simulation experience to mobile platforms with 360 degrees detail-realistic cockpits, carrier operation, multi-player battle, arcade/historic/realistic modes and more…

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 1296 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 21:17 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی New York Mysteries 3 اسرار نیویورک 3 اندروید

As a journalist, Laura James is again brought in to investigate a strange murder. What starts as a routine investigation quickly takes a dark turn.

New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games. It tells about dangerous and mysterious investigation of a brave journalist Laura James.

A new chapter of the cold-blooded saga transports us to the New York of the late 1950s. The brutal murder of a rich lawyer’s widow is not what it seems. On the instruction of the Secret Order Laura James, a reporter with the ‘Daily News’, is heading to the scene of the crime. At first thought it is an ordinary brigandage, but the deeper Laura digs, the darker it gets and a routine investigation quickly takes a dark turn. The results of the search are quite surprising and danger is awaiting for the journalist at her every step. Cunning traps and puzzles, dark secrets of the past and mysterious Darkness that is covering the city. Will she be able to manage the upcoming events to save not only New York but the world from the impending disaster?

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 473 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 20:30 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی SOBREVIVIR 2 بازمانده 2 اندروید

Se Recomienda tener 1 GB Ram como minimo
Continua en el manicomio intenta sobrevivir lo mas que puedas y avanzar para poder salir vivo de alli, la mejor opcion para sobrevivir deberas coger una linterna y abastecerte de pilas y ocultarte de tus enemigos, ellos podran escucharte y sentir si estas cerca, ten cuidado y estate muy atento.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 274 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 19:11 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Rooster Wars خروس جنگی اندروید

☆ کسب غزال زرین بهترین بازی موبایل سال ایران
☆ بهترین بازی سال از دیدگاه مخاطبین در چهارمین جشنواره‌ی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای تهران
☆ دیپلم افتخار بهترین بازی کژوال سال از چهارمین جشنواره‌ی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای تهران

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 7779 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 19:4 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Give It Up 2 موزیکال 2 اندروید

The sequel of the popular rhythm-based platform game has arrived!
☆☆ More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up! worldwide. ☆☆

Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platform and rhythm games, bringing the best Give It Up! ever. Play with Blob or one of his friends in a unique and surreal grayscale world full of deadly spikes and platforms.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 300 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 18:47 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Strike Back: Elite Force 999 نیروهای نخبه اندروید

Download Strike Back: Elite Force here: Strike Back: Elite Force

Welcome to the #1 FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets!

go go, equip with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to join now the dire battlefield to save the world.


You can be a brave soldier on the battlefield, strike back the huge creature in the sky, the mutation spiders emerges from the ground or the deadly engines can destroy everything in the combat zone.
Or you can be a silent killer who move through dark to find the best sniper vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot!
Maybe you are the frontline commando or the professional sniper to complete impossible missions. Hear the call of duty in your heart from battlefield

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 361 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 17:35 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Zombie Age 3 999 عصر زامبی 3 اندروید

Zombie Age 3 is an action game for android

download last version of Zombie Age 3 Apk + Mod(Money) for android from revdl with direct link

★★★★ The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more of savage zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy the zombie slaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to look for the best zombie shooting game, look no further! ★★★★
So you’re still alive… Congrats!… But for how long when they have you absolutely outnumbered? What are you prepared to do?… Keep playing as a lone hero killing every walking dead on the route? Trust me, you won’t last two days! It’s not about surviving in the zombie apocalypse any more, it’s about winning this war.

Well, there was an idea, you know this, it was to bring together a group of remarkable guy to see if we can do something… and I was hoping you might want to join us.

ادامه مطلب
بازديد : 981 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 17:29 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی MARVEL Avengers Academy 999 آکادمی انتقام جویان اندروید

Spider-Man is coming to Avengers Academy for a special limited-time event! Our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler faces famous enemies and new adventures in this action-packed update! Spider-Man is being blamed for a rash of crimes throughout NYC, and he’ll need to team with the Avengers to uncover the villainous scheme. Play now, and recruit new Super Heroes to help Spider-Man clear his name and save Avengers Academy before it’s too late!


Experience the MARVEL Avengers as you’ve never seen them before!
Build the ultimate Super Hero academy, and play as your favorite Avengers characters reimagined as students developing their superpowers. Enroll today and become a hero!

Hydra is at it again. In light of a recent attack that defeated S.H.I.E.L.D., Director Nick Fury has founded Avengers Academy. The goal: to teach young heroes how to develop their unique abilities and triumph over evil. A young Iron Man is the first to sign up and ready to recruit new heroes, such as Wasp, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk, to defeat Hydra. But all is not perfect on the Avengers Academy campus. A mysterious “timefog” surrounds the Academy, which raises even more uncertainty for the burgeoning young heroes. Dive into the MARVEL Avengers Academy world to meet your heroes, defeat Hydra, and uncover the truth behind it all.

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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Skyline Skaters 999 اسکیت بازان افق اندروید

Skate across the rooftops of the world!

Join the awesome Skyline Skaters in their flight from the authorities. Perform hazardous jumps from building to building with only your skateboard to save you!

Choose between daring Skaters, each with their own unique abilities and tricks! Ollie off ramps as you avoid pitfalls and obstacles strewn about the rooftops!

The vigilant rooftop police are always on your tail in their chopper and will stop at nothing to nab you. Get as far as you can before they catch you!

Compete against your friends to get the best high score. Unlock and upgrade new boards to give you new advantages and ways to beat the high scores of the competition.

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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی BADLAND 2 999 بدلند 2 اندروید

The long waited sequel to the multi-award- winning BADLAND!

5 / 5 “Even more gorgeous than the first one” — TouchArcade
5 / 5 “A masterpiece” — AppAdvice
9.3 / 10 “A must have” — iTopNews.de
9.2 / 10 “Stunning” — Multiplayer.it
9 / 10 “Seriously, this is one of the best looking games” — PocketGamer

“Fantastic new sequel” — The Verge
“Takes everything to love about BADLAND and turns it up to 11” — Slide to Play
“Brilliantly crafted side scrolling adventure game” — AppSpy

Witness the award-winning world of BADLAND in even more stunning beauty with levels that extend and scroll to all directions. Survive through new elements such as liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water and volumetric burning light. Fall down deadly rifts, fly to any direction and race & jump along the surfaces as a rolling character on your way to safety.

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بازديد : 485 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 7:38 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی BADLAND بدلند اندروید

Fly and survive through the Game of the Year -winning action adventure BADLAND.

More than 30 MILLION players and counting!

5/5 - AppSmile
4/4 - Slide to Play
5/5 - AppSpy
9.2/10 - Multiplayer.it
9/10 - Destructoid
4.5/5 - TouchArcade

"BADLAND is one of the most beautiful games on Android and one of the must download games of 2013." -- Android Authority

“BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.” -- AppSmile

“BADLAND’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it a must-download.” -- Slide to Play

“BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat to play” -- AppSpy

“A hallmark of excellence.” -- Destructoid

WINNER of Nordic Indie Sensation Award in Nordic Game 2013
WINNER of Best Project in Game Connection Europe 2012
WINNER of SCEE Award in Game Connection Europe 2012
Selected Indie Game in PAX 10 2013

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بازديد : 564 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 7:17 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile پارک سازی اندروید

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a Simulation game for android

RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ is a completely free-to-play game with an addictive mixture of strategic planning and simulation. Based on the beloved RollerCoaster Tycoon® franchise, this game takes many of the fan-favorite features from the original PC games and brings them to mobile. Create and share your theme park, construct incredible roller coasters, and become the ultimate Tycoon!

We are thrilled to announce RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ including Queue Lines! Enjoy a whole new level of customization, watch your peeps line up and wait for rides while increasing the BUZZ each one produces. Build your park, make your peeps happy, and play with millions of other players online today! In addition, the game now features all new mini-games including slots!

The RCT4M team will continue to release new customizations, franchise favorite content and features. This is only the beginning!

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بازديد : 561 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 17 تير 1395 زمان : 7:12 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Paranormal Territory قلمرو ماوراء الطبیعه اندروید

Caution: this game is a test of your courage, at the end of you’ll see your result.

Does your mind starved for puzzles, and your nerves from thrill? Well, then horror “Paranormal Territory” from “AGaming+” will shake you to the core! Turn off the light and take your headset. But be careful, only your vigilance can help you to escape from the paws of the horror that is happening here.

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بازديد : 303 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 18:34 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Fruit Ninja برش میوه اندروید

Play Fruit Ninja like never before! We’ve rebuilt the legendary original slicing game from the ground up, adding fresh new gameplay and characters for new and existing fans alike!

In the biggest addition to Fruit Ninja since launch, all Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match your gear, experiment with all the powers and find what works for you!

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بازديد : 720 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 18:24 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Despicable Me من نفرت انگیز اندروید


Race with the Minions in the award winning and fan favorite endless runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush! Collect bananas as you jump, roll, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions! Run as Carl, Jerry and Dave, get awesome costumes, play exciting mini-games and explore locations inspired by the Despicable Me movies!

• Run through iconic locations from the movie and discover secret areas
• Enjoy unexpected Minion moments, like becoming a MEGA-MINION and riding the FLUFFY UNICORN or GRU’S ROCKET
• Use hilarious weapons and power-ups while competing with other players in Minion Races
• Battle exclusive villains such as Vector, El Macho and the Villaintriloquist
• Experience original animations, voice-overs and state-of-the-art 3D graphics created just for the game

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بازديد : 273 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 18:18 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Rooms of Doom اتاق های سرنوشت اندروید

Play as Dr. Doom’s minions where you will run, jump, slide, fly, swim and barrel blast your way through Dr. Doom’s endless rooms!

Will it be a combination of a bird and a banana? A sheep and a wolf? Or maybe a bear with a bee? Which minion will prove strong enough to help Dr. Doom take over the world?!

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بازديد : 300 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 18:14 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی The Silent Age عصر سکوت اندروید

Episode Two now available, the final chapter in this award winning adventure.


The Silent Age takes you on an adventurous journey into a dystopian future where mankind has gone extinct!

Travel through time between the iconic 70’s and a desolate present day haunted by silence.

The Silent Age is an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game with stylized visuals and an eerie soundtrack that will keep you in suspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles.

With an interface specifically designed for touch devices, you’ll flow through the story without hiccups and frustrations. Sit back, plug in your headphones, and enjoy the adventure.

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بازديد : 631 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 18:1 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Her Story داستان او اندروید

**Launch discount!**

Her Story is the critically acclaimed mystery game from Sam Barlow. Playing like an interactive true crime documentary, the game lets you go hands on with a police database full of live action video footage. It stars Viva Seifert, actress and one half of the band Joe Gideon and the Shark.

** Winner of 3 Bafta Awards, 2 IGF Awards, 3 GDC Awards, Best Narrative & Best Performance at The Game Awards 2015, The Grand Jury Award at IndieCade, Polygon’s Game of the Year, SXSW Mobile Game of the Year, Webby Award for Best Mobile Game, 5 IMGA Awards and more! **

“Her Story is one of the most entrancing experiences you can hope to find on mobile”
9/10, Pocket Gamer

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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Naughty Monster Story هیولای بد ذات اندروید

Swap Blocks! Save Animals! More than a rescue!

Monsters from outer space have kidnapped the baby animals! Rescue baby animals and re-unite them with their parents.
You'll have to swap, tap, and clear same-colored blocks in order to rescue your animal friends and send the monsters flying out of this world.

Roar into action using your puzzle-solving skills and have a paw-some time!

Naughty Monster Story is completely free to play. You do have the option to purchase boosts and moves should you wish.

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بازديد : 468 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 17:39 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Deer Hunter 2016 شکار حیوانات 2016 اندروید

Install by Sept 18th to receive your FREE Hunter Pack!

From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014! Return to the wild and hunt across the globe in the world’s greatest hunting experience.

Pursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Hunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Track down and bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game.

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بازديد : 455 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 17:27 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Rescue: Strike Back نجات: اعتصاب مجدد اندروید

The government has made a big mistake when they desired to raise the combat capability of the army. A contract was established for strengthening their soldiers by newly discovered creature from Nova. However this contract were quickly failed when Things got out of hand at restricted area 47, an impossible event was happened when this creature had seized control of the strengthened army.
Before the dead failure of the government, an other contract was established between the government and the expendables, but ever since, the contract was become the struggle to survive. Now, the world don’t against chemical warfare or nuclear warfare, against alien warfare.

Let’s join Jones to combat the enemy, performing mission impossible for stemming the tide.

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بازديد : 354 تاريخ : سه شنبه 15 تير 1395 زمان : 17:4 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Cloud Chasers در جستجوی ابر اندروید

Guide a small family through five deadly deserts to reach the gateway to the world above the clouds. It’s a dangerous journey filled with a multitude of unique narrative encounters. Make your decisions wisely, manage your resources, use equipment to your advantage and fill up your precious water reserves by flying through the clouds with your trusty glider.

Explore a randomly generated steampunk world that will not only tell you the story of a wondrous desert planet and its inhabitants, but also show the topic of migration from a completely new perspective.

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بازديد : 379 تاريخ : چهارشنبه 09 تير 1395 زمان : 13:49 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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دانلود نسخه مود شده بازی Legion of Heroes لژیون قهرمانان اندروید

Lead your army to victory in the epic new 3D MMORPG Legion of Heroes! Choose your hero, build your army, and embark on an epic adventure of war and triumph in the only open-world fantasy MMORPG designed specifically for mobile.

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بازديد : 447 تاريخ : چهارشنبه 09 تير 1395 زمان : 11:56 نويسنده : مدیر نظرات ()
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